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Berkery, Noyes & Co. LLC Add an Education Executive

Dr. Bill Belew

Issue II - June 18, 2006

Introduction by Mr. Stolyarov: A large investment bank, Berkery, Noyes & Co., has just hired Mark DeFusco to broaden its reach in the for-profit education sector, writes Dr. Bill Belew. For-profit education is a growing market with immense opportunities for mutual gain for the students and companies undertaking it.

Berkery, Noyes & Co. LLC is a leading independent investment bank that provides M & A services to the global information, publishing, and IT sectors.

The group has been involved as an advisor for most major transactions, buying and/or selling, related to the education market in recent years.

1. National Geographic Society bought Hampton-Brown Co.

2. ProQuest bought Voyager Expanded Learning.

3. Touchstone Applied Science Associates just purchased Questar Educational Systems.

I reckon Berkery, Noyes figures it better get someone on board who knows something about post-secondary schools and other forms of higher-ed, including the fopros.

So, they have hired Mark DeFusco. DeFusco will provide

1. Merger and acquisition advice

2. Strategic consulting

3. Research services

for fopros and training providers.

DeFusco "enhances our clients' ability to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities presented in the current market."  Translation - there are some serious big bucks in fopro education.

What do you think?


Dr. Bill Belew is a former Intelligence Officer for a Destroyer Squadron. He lived 20 years in Japan, where he started a language school for Japanese ECS. Dr. Belew teaches classes for a vocational school and online for a national university.

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