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New Japanese Vehicle: Hallucigenia01

Dr. Bill Belew

Issue I - June 11, 2006

Introduction by Mr. Stolyarov:  Dr. Belew describes a wonderful new invention by Japanese designers Yamanaka Shunji and Furuta Takayuki: a car that can make a full circle and climb stairs. Another technological achievement has been reached by creative, industrious entrepreneurs and inventors. This is also yet a further example of the global economy at work in bringing us ideas from other countries that might dramatically improve our lives in the future.

I admit, I wasn't overly impressed with Yamanaka Shunji's various designs until I read the specs on this one.

It is an eight-wheeled vehicle that he and Chiba Institute of Technology's Furuta Takayuki designed.

Nissan also pitched in to see how robotics and automobile technology can get along.

The vehicle can make a 360-degree circle, move diagonally, and - get this - even climb stairs.

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Dr. Bill Belew is a former Intelligence Officer for a Destroyer Squadron. He lived 20 years in Japan, where he started a language school for Japanese ECS. Dr. Belew teaches classes for a vocational school and online for a national university.

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