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Asian Investment Trends

Dr. Bill Belew

Issue IV - July 4, 2006

Introduction by Mr. Stolyarov: Dr. Belew brings us results of a Probitas investor survey on the most attractive regions in Asia to invest in. Japan is at the top of the list; it seems that Japan is finally out of a 15-year economic slump; globalization is a rising tide that lifts all boats, and the availability of new Asian markets has created higher demand for Japanese goods and services and hence an increased willingness to invest in them.

Probitas surveyed investors earlier this year about their views on which geographic regions in Asia are most attractive.

Here are the results:

7. Southeast Asia - 2.4%

6. Australia - 3.9%

5. Korea - 4.9%

4. PanAsianFunds - 14.1%

3. China - 15.1%

2. India - 16.1%


Number 1 was

1. Japan 18.5%

Japan is back; its economy is growing, and investors see it as the best bet these days.

So, where in Asia do you plan on investing?


Dr. Bill Belew is a former Intelligence Officer for a Destroyer Squadron. He lived 20 years in Japan, where he started a language school for Japanese ECS. Dr. Belew teaches classes for a vocational school and online for a national university.

See Dr. Belew's blog, PanAsianBiz, for news and discussions about business and current events in Russia and Asia. See ZhongHuaRising for Dr. Belew's reports on business in China, RisingSunofNihon on business in Japan, and TheBizofKnowledge on business education.

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